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derimay [userpic]

May 10th, 2010 (10:51 pm)

anarchy's just the political term behind freedom.
Everyone knows about freedom, we all want it. We all experienced it
Im darn tootin' sure there are die-hard conservatives who , without political barriers can enjoy themselves a nice recollection of thoughts.. vacate somewhere out of home to relax. No stress!
AND im sure as heck that there are travelers, hitchhikers who don't know a thing about proudhon or government or even what the hell the whole jumble mess of anarchy is, but they sure as hell can tell you about the sand between their toes, the sweat on a illuminated rock and the mystifying moon.. the rumble of the boxcars as the wheels of train start rolling. They can't tell you a thing about bringing down the system, but they sure as hell can tell you about freedom.