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Feed Your Head

February 22nd, 2010 (07:48 pm)

One thing you have to remember about palm readers are that they are entertainment. What they do is assume general statements about said palm and then base next statements against reactions. In better words, they make very general statements that would cause you to pick out scenarios that would most likely fit the description (also compared to a horoscope). And based off that, then they will ask questions or take a risk and throw in a few detailed readings. So one can see that it is more of a skilled art to entertain people, and was such in my situation. I knew i couldn't take these things to heart, as the lady had made few outrageous statements (I havent been raped or nor have i sold drugs lol, and other misc. things that were once again general, and from a palm reader they want straight yes or no answers without a debate or an explanation) so i just kept it going to be entertained. So I definitely heard things that were true and things ive definitely heard before, And though i knew most of said things were general, you cant help but wonder if past situations in your life would account into the readings. Was this situation ever that bad and does it count as such? Am i just seeing some things the wrong way? So then yes , the overthinker (me) will be bothered by this all day. On the bus ride home i did want to take down some notes for myself (because i forget things when my minds busy):

be honest!
this ones been a challenge, but be assertive.. instead of saying "maybe" or try to water down choices/decisions/words, be sure!!
And remember to meditate.. relax.. even chant, because i cant promise myself to think less on my own, i definitely think mediation works and helps, i recommend this to anyone with anxiety
And for now, that would be it.

I was asked for two wishes and all i wanted.. was happiness and clarity
Im never gonna be sure , always confused, but thats because my mind works fast and instead of leading myself into fear and anxiety im just learning to cope with the uneasiness and try to capture relief, and clearness

I did quite alot of thinking tday, and seeing a palm reader actually mightve been needed to help myself. Not to listen to what i was being told, but to listen to what i know and re-evaluate things over. Sad that i had to waste so much money but its not a big worry to me. (i hate money lol, thats one of the things that lured me over to waste $60. the good ol "dont let money get in the way of your happiness" is my weakness. its been the first time my own line got used on me.)

Its going to take some time, but i'll grow and learn. Just go to sleep and say "Im still not sure what im supposed to be doing in this world" and a word of advice/just a thought: why dont gypsies ever say something positive ??? okay yea i had a "dark" past but i think im doing pretty darn good for myself, whyda have to ruin it? Dont think about the past? well thanks for bringing it up! after writing these things down i think the whole situation is silly. The only worry left is how to explain to my palm reader. with her having my number and me having these silly little gypsy gadgets.. lol well what canya do?

I may not always be honest or true or stick to my word under things like this but i know in my good heart i am.. To say i have two personalities is harsh, i think im just misunderstood, trying to figure life out with other misunderstood people.